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Education:  Higher education:  Real estate transactions, zoning and land use
Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, PLC TEL: 602.262.5911
Arizona, United States
Niles, Barton and Wilmer LLP TEL: (410) 783-6300
FAX: (410) 783-6363
Maryland, United States
Pullman & Comley, LLC TEL: 203-330-2000
FAX: 203-330-2888
Connecticut, United States
Pullman & Comley, LLC TEL: 914-682-6895
FAX: 914-682-6894
New York, United States
Sands Anderson PC TEL: 804-648-1636
FAX: 804-783-7291;
Virginia, United States
Tucker Arensberg, P.C. TEL: 412-594-3914
FAX: 412-594-5619
Pennsylvania, United States