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Local Counsel, International Access.

Law Firm Alliance is your trusted international network of mid-sized law firms.

Allied by a common goal of serving every client’s needs while retaining the values, service commitment and culture that make mid-sized firms so desirable, Law Firm Alliance members collaborate to share knowledge, experience and jurisdictional expertise that benefit their individual practices and their clients.

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Collage of Three Cities

Making Connections

“I have worked with a number of Law Firm Alliance firms, and I am consistently impressed with the caliber of the firms, their responsiveness and the quality of their work product.”

Jessica E. Underwood
Associate General Counsel
Calgon Carbon Corporation

So You've Been Watching (and Cringing at) HBO's "Succession?"

Let's discuss some less-dramatic exit options for business owners (when they want to step away).

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How Companies Must Tackle the 4 M’s to Grow Through ‘No-Man’s Land’

Businesses trying to grow through the stage where they're too big to be small businesses, but not large enough to be big businesses, must focus on four key factors to be successful.

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Race-Conscious Admissions and the Race to the Supreme Court

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