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Local Counsel, International Access.

Law Firm Alliance is your trusted international network of mid-sized law firms.

Allied by a common goal of serving every client’s needs while retaining the values, service commitment and culture that make mid-sized firms so desirable, Law Firm Alliance members collaborate to share knowledge, experience and jurisdictional expertise that benefit their individual practices and their clients.

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OLCC Escalates Minor Decoy Activity in Effort to Increase Compliance

Oregon cannabis retailers should be on high alert as OLCC continues to ramp up MDOs (Minor Decoy Operations) statewide.

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Oregon Equal Pay Bonus Exemptions Set to Expire Soon

Oregon’s Equal Pay Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of a protected class in the payment of wages or other compensation for work of a comparable character. 

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Sign-up for Ward and Smith's Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Seminar

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