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The Law Firm Alliance is a strategic alliance of mid-sized law firms that was established to provide legal clients greater access to high quality and cost-effective legal services. The strength of the Law Firm Alliance’s international network of member firms lies in the combined experience of more than 50 firms and 4,000 attorneys throughout North America, Europe and Asia, all with a deep commitment to client service. For information on the Alliance, please look over this Web site. If you need additional information, please use the "Contact Us" form.

The Law Firm Alliance is not a partnership. Each law firm member is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients and is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No member of the Alliance accepts legal responsibility for another firm's work.

No information on this Web site should be construed as offering legal advice. Documents and Web pages that refer to legal issues contain the best information available to the author(s) at the time of publication, but legislation, rulings or other legal changes may have significantly affected the environment for the information. Please consult an appropriate legal advisor before acting on this information.

Each individual member of the Law Firm Alliance complies with the Code of Professional Responsibility that governs legal actions and law firm activities in the states where they operate. This site offers specific information on a firm by firm basis and no assurance is offered that information valid in one state is useful in another.


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