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HMB Legal Counsel

Illinois, United States

HMB Legal Counsel is a preeminent provider of legal services in business and finance, litigation, trusts and estates, real estate, state and local taxes and bankruptcy, reorganization and creditors' rights. Located in Chicago with 60+ attorneys, HMB partners with clients nationwide. Resources are only as good as the relationships you rely on to achieve them.

HMB Legal Counsel combines the resources and diversity of a sophisticated commercial law practice with the agile, personalized service and creativity of a boutique law firm. When you work with HMB, you leverage the experience of entrepreneurial lawyers at the top of their profession who work to deliver a better experience in every matter, every relationship and all that they do. This means that from deal to dispute, your interests are served by highly skilled lawyers who are accessible, attentive and always on call as a member of your team. Your experience in working with our people will be efficient, responsive, personal and aligned with the results you need to achieve. Tell us what a “win” looks like or let us help you define success—together, we’ll make it happen.

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