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Protecting Client Assets from Coast to Coast


The Los Angeles firm of Freeman Freeman & Smiley, LLP (FFS) received a judgment against an individual awarding its client the right to a large, valuable blue diamond.  However, immediately after obtaining the judgment, FFS learned that the debtor had secretly delivered the blue diamond to Harry Winston in New York who was assessing it for purchase.  The information was learned on a Friday night.  FFS promptly reached out to its Law Firm Alliance affiliate in New York, Cole Schotz P.C. (CS) who immediately sprang into action and, within days, obtained a protective order mandating that Harry Winston maintain custody of the blue diamond until the Court could determine the rights of the parties.  The blue diamond could have been lost forever if it had been sold.  Instead, due to the great team work of the Law Firm Alliance firms on opposite coasts, the creditor was able to regain custody of the valuable diamond.

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