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From Mexico to Canada: Working Together to Achieve the Best Outcome for the Client


When the attorneys at EC Legal Rubio Villegas, the Law Firm Alliance’s member firm in Mexico, were approached by a client with questions regarding his employment contract with the subsidiary of a Canadian mining company, they drew upon the extensive knowledge of Canadian employment law at Law Firm Alliance  Vancouver firm Alexander Holburn. EC Legal Rubio Villegas’ client, whose employment had been terminated, needed advice regarding the termination and severance payment being made by his former employer pursuant to Mexican law. Upon looking into his contract, the attorneys at EC Legal Rubio Villegas discovered that the contract was drafted by the Canadian parent company and included more favorable conditions than were being offered by the Mexican subsidiary. EC Legal Rubio Villegas referred the client to Alexander Holburn, who successfully represented the client and obtained a far more lucrative outcome than was initially anticipated.

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