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Mortgage Defense Litigation

The goal of the Mortgage Defense Litigation Alliance Community is to capitalize on current conditions in the real estate and mortgage banking sectors to attract institutional clients with regional and/or national needs that are a faucet for financial services and real estate litigation by leveraging (1)  existing contacts among member firms within such classes of clients, prospective clients, and the trade associations within which their decision-makers circulate;  (2)  the geographic coverage provided by member firms;  (3)  the concentrated expertise resulting from combining the resources of member firms;  and (4)  the competitive advantage (from a cost standpoint) provided by member firms when compared to the cost of traditional legal service providers of the group’s target clients.   

Approximately 14 firms participate in this community for more than 50 attorneys practicing in the area.  This lender oriented community focuses on representing lenders, servicers, and institutional holders of real estate in the prosecution or defense of litigation or quasi-litigation matters, including those matters relating to the following:

  • Consumer foreclosure delay actions
  • Title or priority related actions
  • Foreclosures and receiverships
  • Workouts

The changes in the real estate and banking sectors of the economy that have been precipitated by the "Great Recession" and its aftermath present unique challenges for the institutional clients that operate within those sectors, with this said, these challenges have also created unprecedented opportunities for mid-sized firms to represent such clients who are attracted to the responsiveness and cost effectiveness of our member firms.

Firms in this Community
Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller, P.C.

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