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Sands Anderson Local Government Attorneys Awarded LGA Special Projects Award

April 15, 2019

Sands Anderson PC

Sands Anderson PC

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At the Spring 2019 Local Government Attorneys of Virginia (LGA) conference in Norfolk, Virginia, attorneys of the Sands Anderson Government Group were recognized among a group of attorneys as recipients of the LGA Special Projects Award for their contributions to the Eighth Edition of the Virginia County Supervisors Manual published by Virgina Association of Counties (VACo).

The LGA recognizes its members who have performed work on a LGA project or other project of significant importance to the LGA or local government generally. The purpose of the award is to encourage greater service to LGA and/or local government. This award category was established in 2003. Learn more about the LGA Special Projects Award here.

Sands Anderson attorneys recognized:

Faith A. Alejandro
F. Jesse Bausch
L. Lee Byrd
Michael R. Bedsaul
N. Reid Broughton
Nicole S. Cheuk
Stephen V. Durbin
C. Michael DeCamps
Benjamin W. Emerson
Jeffrey H. Geiger
William A. Gray

Margaret F. Hardy
Paul C. Jacobson
Bradford A. King
Christopher M. Mackenzie
Debra L. Mallory
Andrew R. McRoberts
Brian G. Muse
Mary Foil Russell
Daniel M. Siegel
Cullen D. Seltzer