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Ward and Smith Announces New Artificial Intelligence Practice Group

November 17, 2023

Ward and Smith, P.A.

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Ward and Smith is excited to announce its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice group.

The AI practice provides comprehensive legal solutions to companies developing and leveraging the power of AI. Headed by Angela Doughty, CIPP/US, a certified privacy professional, leader of the Intellectual Property practice, and the Director of Innovation at Ward and Smith, the team aids startups, closely-held businesses, and public entities in navigating complex regulations regarding the use of artificial intelligence.  

“As AI becomes more sophisticated and pervasive, it is essential for companies of all industries to seek legal guidance," said Angela. "We are well-positioned to help organizations tackle the complex regulatory issues surrounding the appropriate use of artificial intelligence. Our extensive knowledge in navigating policy, privacy and data concerns, and protecting intellectual property will be instrumental in helping companies maximize their potential."  

The firm is committed to helping businesses understand their legal obligations surrounding AI. The firm has worked diligently to assemble a team of highly skilled attorneys with backgrounds ranging from litigators to regulatory compliance attorneys who are experienced in developing solutions for clients related to issues, such as: 

  • Data Privacy: Navigating the complex landscape of AI and data privacy regulations.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguarding innovations through legal counsel on patenting AI technologies and managing intellectual property rights.
  • Licensing and Commercialization: Enabling the optimization of AI through licensing agreements, partnerships, and technology transfers.
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Advocating for your interests in court and efficiently resolving conflicts. 

Ward and Smith prioritizes the optimization of each client's AI ventures. Our attorneys collaborate closely with your teams to develop ethical AI systems infused with principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability while helping to identify and mitigate any risks associated with new and emerging AI use to minimize data security incidents. 

"This marks a new era for numerous industries, ranging from finance to healthcare," Angela expressed. "We are thrilled to collaborate with our clients as they persist in their pursuit of innovation and harness the potential of AI." 

For more information about our AI practice group and how we can help maximize your AI-driven potential while minimizing risks, please visit

Meet the Team

Drake Brinkley Whitney Campbell Christensen Angela Doughty Chris Edwards
Drake Brinkley  Whitney Campbell Christensen Angela Doughty, CIPP/US Chris Edwards
Paul Fanning Emily Martchek Jane Francis Nowell Mayukh Sircar
Paul Fanning Emily Martchek Jane Francis Nowell Mayukh Sircar, CIPP/US


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