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KRCL Announces Relocation of Dallas Headquarters to Bank of America Plaza

April 17, 2019


Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC today announced that the law firm has signed a long-term lease to relocate its Dallas headquarters to a completely renovated multi-floor space containing approximately 45,000 square feet in Bank of America Plaza. Located at 901 Main Street, Bank of America Plaza is one of the most iconic buildings in downtown Dallas, well-known as the tallest building in Dallas and the most recognizable silhouette on the skyline. The full-service law firm, which celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary in January 2019, has operated for the last 26 years in Thanksgiving Tower. The new space at BOA Plaza will provide the firm’s attorneys and staff with cutting-edge work areas designed to facilitate efficiency and communication while providing the Firm with the additional space it needs to accommodate its current and future growth plans. KRCL plans to move into the new premises by August 1, 2019.

“This move represents an exciting development for our Firm,” said Raymond Kane, Co-Founder of the Firm and Director of the Real Estate Group. “With an eye towards the future, this completely modernized space and cutting-edge amenities are critical to support our continued growth. Our move to Bank of America Plaza enables us to maintain our commitment to the Dallas CBD, and provides our attorneys, staff and clients with covered parking at above-market parking ratios, dining, wellness and other high-quality amenities available only in buildings with significantly higher rental rates. Our move to BOA Plaza will not only permit us to continue to provide our services at a competitive cost advantage, but to match or exceed the amenities offered by much more expensive buildings. The other compelling attractions of Bank of America Plaza are a superior building infrastructure and related management practices, which are essential features for long term tenants like KRCL.”

Mike Logan, Co-Founder and Lateral Recruiting Partner, added “We are excited that this new, updated space and the surrounding amenities will help bolster our continuing efforts to recruit exceptional talent to the Firm, and enable us to continue to provide exceptional value and superior service to our clients. Our office space is being designed with the future in mind, to provide the type of space and amenities that the “next generation” wants in their workspace environment.”

Kane Russell Coleman Logan is a full-service law firm with offices in Dallas and Houston. Formed in 1992 with 5 lawyers, today KRCL employs more than 70 attorneys. The Firm provides professional services for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized public and private companies to entrepreneurs. KRCL handles transactional, litigation and bankruptcy matters in Texas and throughout the country.


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