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LFA Litigation Community: Practical Suggestions for Mediation in the Age of Zoom

June 2, 2020 at 1:30 ET

Please join the LFA Litigation Community for a one hour Zoom presentation on June 2 at 1:30 ET featuring Judges Lynda Munro and Robert Holzberg of Pullman & Comley leading the program: Practical Suggestions for Mediation in the Age of Zoom.  In addition to reviewing techniques and strategies for conducting online mediations, Judges Munro and Holzberg will also discuss recurring issues in ADR including:

    The best time to mediate
    Selection of a mediator
    Identifying mediation goals and measuring “success”
    Preparing for mediation
    Opening offers and demands
    Assessing settlement value
    Preparing your client
    Addressing impasse

Judges Munro and Holzberg have a combined 45 years of judicial experience as judges of the Connecticut Superior Court.  After retiring from the bench Judge Holzberg joined Pullman & Comley in 2012 as chair of its ADR practice group.  Judge Munro joined Pullman & Comley in 2015.