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LFA Women's Forum - Ask Anything Panel

February 16 at 1:30 ET

How do you prioritize when you are feeling overwhelmed?  What is the appropriate response when opposing counsel talks down to you?   What do you do when your daughter’s recital is the night before a big deadline and you feel pulled in opposite directions?  
Now is your chance to anonymously ask anything you have ever wanted to know about the practice of law but never had the right person or opportunity to ask.

The LFA Women’s Forum will present the Ask Anything Panel which will feature a panel of female partners and shareholders from across LFA firms who will share their insight on how they have handled various situations in their career.

To make this program work, we need your input!   If you have any questions that you have always wanted to ask, please add them to the link below.  Please note that the questions you submit will be completely anonymous (unless you choose to include your name), so feel free to ask anything!